Disposable coverall medical ppe protective suits

Disposable coverall medical ppe protective suits

Disposable coverall medical ppe protective suits



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Disposable coverall medical ppe protective suits description:

The product is synthesized from high-quality non-woven fabric and PE breathable composite film; lightweight, soft, non-toxic, non-irritating, antibacterial, anti-chemical agents, antibacterial, and good physical properties.

Feature: Anti-dust, Anti-spray, Strong isolation, Care selected material

Suitable for Multiple Scenarios

Subway Checking

Hospital Clinic

Living Building Disinfection

Highway Stop


Dust-free Workshop


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Henan Huanrui Medical Technology Co.,Ltd founded in 2020, headquartered in Changyuan,China, where more than 50% medical consumables are manufactured. As a leading exporter and supply chain service provider on medical equipments, we have established long-term cooperation with many famous manufacturers in China. The Main products we can supply: Disposable Syringes,Infusion set, Blood transfusion set, Hypodermic needles, Urine bags,Blood lancet, Scalp vein set, Aneroid sphygmomanometers, Stethoscopes, Clinical thermometers, Diabetes products, Sponge Gauze, Face masks,Isolation gowns, Surgical gloves, Surgical Sutures, Elastic bandages, etc…We have good connection with many factories, and become their main and the most important agent here in China, we also jointed ventured with some factories who manufacture Medical Dressings and Disposable Medical Plastic Injection Moulds, thus we can make you a competitive offer!

Our products had been exported worldwide (European Union, Russia, North America, South America, Mideast, South Asia, and other areas), most of our product are CE/ISO approved, and some of them already got FDA approved. We established a Re-inspection system to guarantee the goods safety and good quality!we can also provide one-stop service for new hospital project, includes new hospital design, provide all kinds of medical equipment and hospital furniture,and high quality after-sale service!We are looking forward to your visit and friendly cooperation!

Packing Details of Disposable coverall medical ppe protective suits

Packing Method 20sets/package
Packing Size 500mm*350mm*400mm (L*W*H)
Gross Weight 6.6kg


Disposable coverall medical ppe protective suits Details

1. High Quality Non-woven Fabric

Light weight, soft, non-toxic, non-irritant, anti-bacterial, anti-chemical agents, good physical properties.

2. Hood Chin

The hood and chin are designed to be convenient for use with other protective equipment at the same time

3. Zipper Design

Jumpsuitzipper, easy to put on and take off, with cover protection

4. Necking Design

Soft cuffs for wrist, ankle comfort and antifouling

5. Composite Membrane Lock Joint

The joint shall be sealed with transparent multi-layer adhesive tape, which has a strict protective effect on harmful dust and high-pressure jet liquid.

Instruction of Protective Clothing

1. Used when the doctor may come into contact with the patient’s blood, body fluids, secretions, etc.

2. To choose the suitable type of medical disposable protective clothing accordingly.

3. Open the package and take out the medical disposable protective clothing

4. Wear medical disposable protective clothing on personnel in accordance with specifications.

Q: Can you develop new products for us?

A: Yes,our abundant experience in non-woven industry can create more value for you. We can help you choose the most efficient material as well as packing to make you more competitive in the market.

Q: How do you ensure your quality?

A: We have CE certificate and test report and we have a strict quality management system, we cooperated with government, meanwhile we could provide the whole batch of technical documents & support for our customers.

Q: How long is your lead time?

A: Our capacity is about 20 containers /month and the standard lead time is 30 days.